Sureepong Phothongsunan

     Year Grad : 1995

     Grad Class : 25

     Faculty : Theodore Maria School of Arts

     Degree Name : Bachelor of Arts (Business English)



Academic Work

1. Applying Active Listening Strategies in EFL: An Integrated Skill Approach

2. Applying case studies in educational research

3. Approaches to second/Foreign Language Teacher Education

4. Authentic materials and their impacts on L2 learning

5. Critical pedagogy in English language teaching

6. EFL Motivation through Vision: Role-plays, Narratives, Projects and Reading Tasks

7. Examining and exploiting English learning strategies of successful Thai university students : the role of the social context

8. Examining University Students’ Language Awareness of Metalinguistic Knowledge in the Thai Context

9. Expatiating on native speaker and non-native speaker constructs

10. Intermediate to advanced English for hotel business : (EN3282 English for hotels)

11. Interpretive paradigm in educational research

12. Language and culture

13. Learners’ Attitudes towards Native and Non-native English Speaking Teachers in the EFL Context

14. Native and non-native dichotomy : distinctive stances of Thai teachers of English

15. Reconceptualizing and utilizing language switching in TEFL/TESOL

16. Students' espousing notions of themselves as English language learners

17. Teacher professional development in Thai universities: EFL teachers' perceptions

18. Thai University Academics' Challenges of Writing for Publication in English


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Ramkhamhaeng Rd., 
Hua Mak, Bang Kapi,
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